Death of the Phoenix;

The book that's changing lives, one reader at a time.
For anyone suffering from PTSD, and for all the readers, writers, the poets who have suffered in the dark for far too long.

This book is for any one in search of a boost of positivity in their lives.

With this book you'll be empowered to identify and discern the difference between "knowing" and "understanding."

Understand what your adversity is then you'll have actionable steps to grow and know how to defeat it to RISE above.

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    "Tragedy - Turned - Triumph!"

    Avery D Jameson evokes a deep emotional response with thought provoking perspectives of reality.
    The thought patterns of the human mind that occurs post-traumatic experiences are cut open and poured out poetically.

    "A Poetic Elixir against PTSD"

    The concepts of a Light Elixir and how to find our own Flawless Solace are found upon his journey of the RISE.

    "Through Darkness Comes Light"

    Through the darkest times in our lives, all we have to do is remember where that light comes from.